Chicken wings in a bag with smoked paprika and the essential lemon and garlic marinade thrown on the barbecue to feed a gang of 20 in the middle of a sprawling sea of tents at a music festival, brother turning up with a couple of freshly caught trout and some potato salad.  “You make it look so easy,” says my sister-in-law.  “It is easy,” we say.  “You should write a book,” she says.  So we did and, with it, a blog.

We are campers, we have three young children, and we love food.  We have been inspired by our collective culinary experiences from around the world, particularly Africa, the Middle East and India, and we have been excited by our own, and our friends’, camping experiences.  Cooking outdoors provides an opportunity for children to be excited by food and to be more adventurous with food.  Cooking outdoors should not be a chore; it should not be an obstacle; it should be a fundamental part of living and enjoying life in the open!