Family Camping Cookbook

The ‘Family Camping Cookbook’ is practical, it is fun, and it is designed to help families appreciate and enjoy the ‘cooking-while-camping’ experience.  The book is for people who camp, or people who would like to camp, who want help and inspiration planning meals and packing ingredients, and cooking delicious meals in the Great Outdoors whether in a single pot over a single gas flame, or in or on a barbecue or camp fire.  This book is not so much for the independent hiker as it is for the family who load up the car for a weekend or a week’s camping.  It is for busy parents who don’t have time to think about what food to pack or what to prepare, but who want to enjoy cooking and eating all the same. 

The book presents four camping scenarios and provides meal plans, shopping lists and recipes for each. Recipes that really work in the camping environment, recipes that have been tried and tested by us, and approved by our three children. 

Above all, we want the book to give people confidence and inspire families to have fun with food with their children.